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Black Flag Firearms Training offers courses that cater to virtually any individual or group dynamic.  Whether you are an active duty law enforcement officer, security contractor, or a private citizen looking at a first time firearm purchase for home defense or carry, we have what you are looking for.  We offer comprehensive firearm skills, Instructor development, and safety training in all available disciplines taught by NRA certified Master Training Counselors and Law Enforcement Instructors.  Black Flag Firearms Training offers CCW qualification level classes for  the IL Concealed Carry permit as well as the courses necessary to properly implement a firearm in defensive shooting scenarios.   Master Instructor Rocco Wlodarek is also a well respected contract speaker on topics such as Predatory Violence, Situational Awareness, Conflict Communication, Officer Safety, Integrated Scenario Training, Workplace Violence, and the LE Rapid Response Program ( School Intruder Drills).....Seminars and workshops can be tailored to any department, organization, or school district on a case by case basis.



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Be sure to check out all of Black Flag's course doesn't matter if you are a Competitive Marksman or a brand new shooter-- our group of professionals has what you are looking for.  Each Team Member is available for private coaching, as well as custom courses on request.  Get to know our Team on the
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